• We are Nigeria's trusted oil and gas firm.

    Providing good ROI on investment/partnership.

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    We are Nigeria's trusted oil and gas firm.

    Providing good ROI on investment/partnership.

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    About Bimko Oil and Gas

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    About Bimko Oil and Gas

    About Bimko Oil and Gas

    Bimko oil and Gas was registered in 2014 as a company with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria and immediately started trading as a physical sales representative, helping buyers of crude oil meet with sellers of crude oil for easy and smooth transactional exchange.

    We are Customers oriented company; we ensure that our customers crude oil needs are met promptly at most competitive price as resulting from a low cost and highly efficient operation deliverables.

    Bimko Oil and Gas is always open to partner with companies who share in our vision and our business ideology. Our clients are all over the world, comprising well-known Europeans, Americans and Africans.

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    What We Do

    At Bimko oil & gas, we operate within an exclusive network of noteworthy sellers and buyers with excellence in business, We strive to get you the very best price, good payment method and flexible procedure of oil and gas products. If you are interested in buying or selling oil and gas products, our team at The Bimko oil & gasis ready to help you get the best possible price for both buying and selling. Contact us today.

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    Improve your business ability by joining our distinguished team and connect your company with high profile sellers or buyers through our customized brokerage services.

    Business Advisory on Market Trends

    Bimko Oil and Gas plays a vital role as a bunker supplier, we provide our clients with intelligent, professional and business advice on market trends, operational bottlenecks and problem resolution that is unparalleled by the traditional bunker trading and broking houses. Due to our longstanding position we have especially close relationships with suppliers all over the world and can provide our customers with the most competitive rates, putting into consideration the specifications, quality, timely and itch free deliveries.

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